Alcohol fix

i've always had a love hate relationship with alcohol. Like many of us, it's caused many a memorable night and many a not so. Over the last few years I've gone through spells of abandoning the idea of having an alcoholic drink for months. Only on the odd occasion has it been tempting. I've never [...]

Music is power let it flow through my mind

March 5th2016 Being able to finish my first shift at Manchester health academy gave me the chance to rush into Manchester city centre, dump my car and scramble for one of the remaining seats in the beautiful surroundings of the Bridgewater Hall. Seeing Ludovico Einaudi was a game changer for me personally. both to help [...]

quarter till 40

Quarter of the year until I enter my 40thyear. How do I feel? Is the landmark worrying me? Is it fuck. On average a male lives in the UK until he’s 87 years old. This mean’s I still have more than half of my life left. i’m no doubt a depressed man behind the mask [...]

cairn terrier & 1 sugar please

2 years ago i walked into the marina cafe to find myself ordering a coffee. when leaving the cafe, i'd unexpectedly acquired a dog called archie. archie came to me at a crucial stage in my life. not only slowing down my mind but making life seem like it finally had a purpose i had [...]

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