2 years ago i walked into the marina cafe to find myself ordering a coffee. when leaving the cafe, i’d unexpectedly acquired a dog called archie.

archie came to me at a crucial stage in my life. not only slowing down my mind but making life seem like it finally had a purpose

i had responsibility! fucking hell, it’s taken 40 years! it’s what i needed for survival

that festering, rugged, wagging little boy threw himself on my boat on a crispy chilled autumnal afternoon. searching for balls, curious for smells, looking for love – he’d found his home

since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder back in 2010, i’ve read many articles on how much pets and animals help with the condition.

within 2 hours of over excitement (archie was pretty happy too!) we both decided to have a little nap. the feeling of him jostling up beside my head brought a feeling that words fail to explain

love is touch, touch is love

john lennon

archie was at this staged renamed as alfie. purely due to his resemblance with alfred russel wallace.

having enjoyed a northumberland and yorkshire break in 2018 with him, i felt the best way to celebrate my 40th birthday was to take him to where he came from

scotland october 2019 – we will take a two week break to find ourselves and head up to the island of lewis. for what? stillness, the ocean, freedom – this is what heels my mind and condition. having spent time with him, i think this may well heel his – live forever alfie..

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