In my mind in my sleep

So I’ve finally nailed it! Without question the fuel to my fire, the medicine to my brain, the key to my future lies within my 11-7am schedule. Yesterday, I cleared every item in my bedroom apart from:- Bed2 fake plantsAlfie the dog I slept beautifully. Another new ritual i do is turn my phone off […]

“They Don’t Own Me”

Is it true what they say?Nothing in life is freeAre you looking this waySurely this can’t be I know that youain’t like the other onesMarch to a different beat, babeBanging a different drum I think I told you before thatThey don’tThey don’t own meI think I told you before thatThey don’tThey don’t own me I […]

land fill full of tinsel

My Christening circa March ’80 So apparently the planet is in serious danger of heating up to a point of causing mass damage by 2030. If i had a child today, I would feel guilty. Thank you lordPete Baldwin Merry Christmas to all those cunts that buy all that shit and tinsel for all their […]

magnificent 77

’77 star wars ’77 brother born ’79 me ’84 parents split ’90 wrong year at school ’92 leeds league ’90 – ’96 bullied ’97 diana died ’99 man u treble ’01 9/11 ’05 granny died ’08 ferguson, fretwell ’09 uncle died ’10 bipolar ’13 bramwell ’13 niece ’19 the rise of skywalker ’20 broken cups

Music is power let it flow through my mind

March 5th2016 Being able to finish my first shift at Manchester health academy gave me the chance to rush into Manchester city centre, dump my car and scramble for one of the remaining seats in the beautiful surroundings of the Bridgewater Hall. Seeing Ludovico Einaudi was a game changer for me personally. both to help […]

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