Returning from the Isle Of Arran, I’ve realised the 5 biggest game changers in my life to date (In no particular order) Alfie the dogMan United winning the treblePassing my driving test on the 5/6th attempt – loss count!Leaving educationMeeting Anna There’s many more I can bore myself about that one would class as ‘achievements’ […]

In my mind in my sleep

So I’ve finally nailed it! Without question the fuel to my fire, the medicine to my brain, the key to my future lies within my 11-7am schedule. Yesterday, I cleared every item in my bedroom apart from:- Bed2 fake plantsAlfie the dog I slept beautifully. Another new ritual i do is turn my phone off […]

“They Don’t Own Me”

Is it true what they say?Nothing in life is freeAre you looking this waySurely this can’t be I know that youain’t like the other onesMarch to a different beat, babeBanging a different drum I think I told you before thatThey don’tThey don’t own meI think I told you before thatThey don’tThey don’t own me I […]

land fill full of tinsel

My Christening circa March ’80 So apparently the planet is in serious danger of heating up to a point of causing mass damage by 2030. If i had a child today, I would feel guilty. Thank you lordPete Baldwin Merry Christmas to all those cunts that buy all that shit and tinsel for all their […]

magnificent 77

’77 star wars ’77 brother born ’79 me ’84 parents split ’90 wrong year at school ’92 leeds league ’90 – ’96 bullied ’97 diana died ’99 man u treble ’01 9/11 ’05 granny died ’08 ferguson, fretwell ’09 uncle died ’10 bipolar ’13 bramwell ’13 niece ’19 the rise of skywalker ’20 broken cups

quarter till 40

Quarter of the year until I enter my 40thyear. How do I feel? Is the landmark worrying me? Is it fuck. On average a male lives in the UK until he’s 87 years old. This mean’s I still have more than half of my life left. i’m no doubt a depressed man behind the mask […]

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