Returning from the Isle Of Arran, I’ve realised the 5 biggest game changers in my life to date (In no particular order)

  1. Alfie the dog
  2. Man United winning the treble
  3. Passing my driving test on the 5/6th attempt – loss count!
  4. Leaving education
  5. Meeting Anna

There’s many more I can bore myself about that one would class as ‘achievements’ but for me, achievements are battling through adversity. Perseverance is one thing that anyone with a mental health problem has to have.

When a friends Mum told me I should give up on passing my driving tests, I decided to pass it. When I decided to drop out of college at the tender age of 16, I developed better relationships and most importantly a clearer mindset.

There’s no question Alfie and Anna have added stability and happiness into my life. I’ll always recognise this as a crucial factor to helping me. In turn, I feel giving to others is the greatest pleasure one can experience. Although at times I prefer to be isolated and away from everything, I understand the importance in discussing anything that’s going through your mind.

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