In my mind in my sleep

So I’ve finally nailed it!

Without question the fuel to my fire, the medicine to my brain, the key to my future lies within my 11-7am schedule.

Yesterday, I cleared every item in my bedroom apart from:-

  1. Bed
  2. 2 fake plants
  3. Alfie the dog

I slept beautifully.

Another new ritual i do is turn my phone off at around 9pm. i wake whenever i feel refreshed. today it was 7.13am.

The biggest problem i seem to have is overindulging in power naps. despite sleeping for 8 hours the previous night, i slept an additional 2 and a half hours during the day. that consisted of two power naps.

I’ve always been a daytime sleeper. There’s still misleading reports on whether this helps, heals or comprises the quality of sleep during the night..

All I know is when I sleep, I don’t think. I heal, I rest from my condition. my medication’s toll on my brain rests.

Being brought up in a manic environment. Living in a manic world I have now identified sleep as the critical part of my daily routine.

Despite this reminding me of me and r kids lost love back in 2000. today it’s a song that i have used to play to myself understanding the importance of it – You in my mind in my sleep, Richard Ashcroft

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