10 years ago I was astray. astray from civialisation. looking back, survival was a minor miracle. i insisted in going into a mental hospital following a lost weekend in jersey.

10 years on we move towards the end of a decade. my first in which I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

From 20k in debt to being indebted to my family

  1. mother for understanding
  2. brother for listening
  3. father for caring
  4. step father for the support
  5. step mother for her northern grit

I’ve achieved great things

  • paying off 20k in debt
  • completing 2 triathlons
  • solo trip to new york, philidelphia and boston
  • buying a narrowboat
  • best mans speech

40 years have now passed.

the world is what you make out of it, we’re all shells with souls in which so much exposure to negativity burdens our movements.

For now, I’m just grateful for being me

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